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Fundraising Summary 2021/2022

Make the Rules Non-Uniform Day – Tuesday 19th July
Eid Fayre – Friday 15th July 3pm to 6pm
Try-a-Tri – Saturday 18th June
Summer Disco – Thursday 16th June
Ice Lolly Sales – Tuesday 17th May, Wednesday 25th May, and Friday 10th June 2022
Textile Collection – Collecting in school from Monday 25th April until Wednesday 27th April 2022
Happy’s Circus – Friday 22nd April 2022
Second Hand Uniform – Thursday 7th and Friday 8th April 2022 After School – Raised £44
Easter Egg Hunt – Tue 5th (Foundation and Middle School) and Wed 6th (Lower School and Upper School) April 2022
Spring Disco – Thursday 24th March 2022 – Raised £1,261
Santa’s Virtual Grotto – Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th December – Included with Christmas Fayre total (£146)
Tuck Shop – Friday 10th December – Raised £195
Santa run – December 2021 – Raised £36
Christmas Fayre – Saturday 4th December 11:30 – 2:30 – Raised £2,474
Non-Uniform Day – Friday 3rd December – Included with Christmas Fayre total (£201)
Bag2School – 23rd November 2021 – Raised £100
PTA Wrap-a-Present – 22nd November to 25th November 2021 – Raised £2,856
Disco and Family Lounge – 18th November 2021 – Cancelled
Anil’s Reading Half Marathon Run for Aldryngton PTA – November 2021 – Raised £313
2nd Hand Uniform Sale – Wednesday 17th November 2021 – Raised £51
Non-Uniform Day – Friday 3rd November 2021 – Raised £245
Create a Card – 2021 – Raised £202
PTA Coffee Morning – Monday 20th September 2021 – Not a fundraising event
Try-a-Tri – 18th September 2021 – Raised £666
2nd Hand Uniform Sale – Tuesday 7th September 2021 – Raised £163

Fundraising Summary 2020/21 …

Outdoor Disco – 20th July
Non-Uniform Make the Rules Day – 16th July
Sponsored Walk – in school week beginning 12th July
Asda Green Token Scheme – Runs 1st June to 31st July 2021 – Raised £200
Pool Club Subscriptions 2021 – Raised £3,900
Non-Uniform Day – 27th May 2021
Textile collection with Bags2School – 14th May 2021
Non Uniform Days – Spring Term 2021 – Raised £692
Easter Egg Trail – Easter Holidays – Raised £720
Virtual Quiz – 12th March 2021
Safari Trail – Feb Half-Term 2021 – Raised £403
Virtual Bingo – 5th February 2021 – Raised £197.50
Non Uniform Days – Autumn Term 2020 – Raised £692
Santa Run – December 2020 – Raised £1,423
Textile collection with Bags2School – 10th December 2020 – Raised £139
Santa’s Virtual Grotto – 12th & 13th December 2020 – Raised £1,423
Wrap-a-Present – 7th to 10th December 2020 – Raised £4,863
Create-a-card – Raised £216
PTA Wine Tasting with Tasting House – 1st December 2020
Christmas Family Quiz – 21st November 2020
Spooky Creative Competition – Raised £130

Fundraising Summary 2019/20 …

Summer events cancelled due to Covid-19
Bingo & Curry Night – 6th March
Spring Disco – 13th February
Bake Sale (Miss Morgan Upper School) – 7th February Raised £105.80
Bake Sale (Miss Nowell Lower School) – 10th Jan – Raised £106.75
Cash4Coins – Raised £160.21
Lego Keyrings/Mini Figures – Raised £145
Christmas Fayre – 7th Dec – Raised approx. £4k
Non Uniform – 6th Dec – Raised £240
Wrap a Present – 25th, 26th, 27th Nov – Raised £2010
Bake Sale (Mrs Culham Middle School) – 22nd Nov – Raised £83
Autumn Disco – 24th Oct – Raised £625 profit
Family Lounge – 24th Oct – Raised £165
Textile Collection – 24th Oct – Raised £277
Bake Sale (Miss Slade Foundation) – 18th Oct – Raised £98.20
Bake Sale (Mrs Dunn Upper School) – 4th Oct – Raised £102.65

Fundraising Summary 2018/19 …

Thurs 4th Jul – Cake Sale, Miss Saunders (LS) Raised £108
Thurs 27th Jun – Copper Coin Mosaics (AM) Raised £268
Thurs 27th Jun – PTA Summer Fayre & US Stalls PM (after School Picnic & Concert) Raised £2000
Saturday 15th Jun – Try-a-Tri Raised £4600
Fri 14th Jun – PTA Non school uniform £1 donations Raised £281
Thurs 13th Jun – Cake Sale, Miss Riglar Raised £91.46
Thurs 16th May – Cake Sale, Mrs Dunn Raised £102.85
Thurs 25th Apr – Cake Sale, Mrs Gregory/Mrs Woolston Raised £124.40
Tues 2nd & Wed 3rd April – Easter Egg hunts Raised £260
Fri 29th Mar – PTA Bag 2 School Collection Raised £235.20
Thurs 28th Mar – Cake Sale, Mrs Coleman/Mrs Smith (LS) Raised £102.95
Fri 8th Mar – PTA Bingo/Curry night Raised £431
Thurs 7th Mar – Cake Sale, Miss Alberti (MS) Raised £90.10
Thurs 14th Feb – PTA Disco Raised £1274.44 & Family Lounge Raised £136.07
Thurs 7th Feb – Cake Sale, Mrs Marshall (MS) Raised £111.15
January – Tesco Tokens Raised £2000
January – Asda Tokens & Bottle Bank Raised £2700
Thurs 10th Jan – Cake Sale, Miss Morgan (MS) Raised £96
Sat 1st Dec – Christmas Fayre Raised £4360 (Plus an additional Match Funding £1750)
Fri 30th Nov – PTA Non School Uniform Raised £258.93
w/c 26th Nov – Wrap a Present Raised £2262.60 (takings) 
Thurs 22nd Nov – Cake Sale, Miss Slade (FS) Raised £92.60
Thurs 18th Oct – PTA Disco Raised £1126.76 (takings) & Family Lounge Raised £216.90 (takings)
Thurs 18th Oct – PTA Textile Collection Raised £324
Thurs 11th Oct – Cake Sale, Mrs Culham (LS) raised £125.96
Thurs 20th Sept – Cake Sale, Miss Nowell (FS) raised £90.30

Fundraising Summary 2017/18 …

Thurs 5th July – Cake Sale, Miss Nowell (FS) raised £101.50
Sat 23rd June – Try a Tri
Fri 22nd June – Non School Uniform
Thurs 14th June – Cake Sale, Miss Slade (FS) Raised £102
Fri 8th June – Copper Coin Mosaics Raised £172.24
Fri 8th June –  PTA Summer Fayre Raised TBC
Thurs 17th May – School Disco & Family Lounge Raised TBC
Thurs 17th May – Cake Sale, Miss Alberti (MS) Raised £177
Thurs 26th Apr – Cake Sale, Mrs Marshall (MS) Raised £167
Thurs 29th Mar – Bag2School Textile Collection raised £237
Thurs 29th Mar – Cake Sale, Miss Riglar (US) raised £148
Tues 27th & Wed 28th Mar – Easter Egg Hunt (FS and MS) raised £230
8th Mar – Cake Sale, Ms Byatt (MS) raised £150
Fri 23rd Feb – Bingo & Curry Night raised over £600
Thurs 8th Feb – School Disco raised £659
Thurs 8th Feb – Family Lounge raised £126
Thurs 1st Feb – Cake Sale, Mrs Dunn (US) raised £127.51 which was spent on books for the class library, card games for wet playtimes and a subscription to Aquila magazine.
Thurs 11th Jan – Cake Sale, Mrs Woolston/Mrs Gregory (US) raised £110.55.
Saturday 2nd December – PTA Christmas Fayre 12pm – 3pm was a great success.  £3700 was taken on the day across all the stalls.  Profit figure to be confirmed.
Friday 1st Dec – PTA Non School Uniform raised £261.60.
Thurs 30th Nov – Miss Saunders Cake Sale raised £97.43.
W/C 27th November – Wrap a Present raised £790.62.  (takings £1602.05, expenditure £811.43)
November – Christmas Puddings raised £TBC.
Thurs 9th Nov – Mrs Culham’s Cake Sale raised £110.56. 
October – Personalised Christmas Cards generated 95 orders, income of £913.45 of which £225.40 was profit for the PTA.
Fri 20th Oct – Bag2School Textile collection raised £238.
Thurs 19th Oct – Family Lounge raised £118.56.
Thurs 19th Oct – School Disco raised £TBC 
Thurs 5th Oct – Cake Sale, Mrs Coleman/Mrs Smith (LS) raised £123.80, and was a complete sell out.  The class decided to spend their money on … a special gold star cushion for their ‘star of the week’ child, Special pens, Star wars figures, Secret Seven stories, Wooden train set, Playmobil spaceship, Dolls and a Traditional bingo game.

Fundraising Summary 2016/17 …

Thurs 20th/Fri 21st – Tuck Shop raised £133.00.
Thurs 6th July – Miss Alberti’s cake sale raised £111.91.
Fri 23rd Jun – PTA 2 pence pictures collected £267.50 the highest amount since we can remember!
Fri 23rd Jun – Upper School Stalls, raised £848.70
Fri 23rd Jun – Happy’s Circus raised £2104.62
Thurs 15th June – Cake Sale Ms Byatt (MS), raised £120.35
Saturday 10th June – Try-a-Tri, raised £2982.83
Fri 9th June – PTA Non School Uniform, £1 donations – raised £189
Thurs 18th May – Cake Sale Miss Slade (FS) raised £103.05
Thurs 18th May – Bag2School raised £240.40
Thurs 11th May – PTA Disco took £917.47 on the night and the Parent Creche had takings of £151.19, both are subject to costs.
Thurs 27th Apr – Cake Sale Miss Nowell (FS) raised £102.10.
Thurs 30th March – Miss Blackaby’s cake sale raised £91.40 which will be spent directly by Miss Blackaby after discussions with the children
Wed 29th & Thurs 30th March – PTA Easter Egg Hunts – lovely sunny days with 269 children taking part across the two days (numbers up on last year which had 226 children entered), total profit this year is £274 compared to £203 in 2016.  A parent has also applied for match funding giving us a profit of £534.
Tues 14th& Wed 15th March – 2nd hand uniform sales raised £42
Jan & Feb Ad-hoc 2nd hand uniform sales raised £65.
Thurs 2nd March – Cake Sale Mrs Woolston/Mrs Gregory raised £120.15
Thurs 9th Feb – PTA Disco, takings were £1,038.35, after costs have been removed this works out as a profit of £574.35 to donate to the Air Ambulance.
Thurs 9th Feb – Parent Creche, after costs saw a profit of £176.80 to donate to Air Ambulance.
2nd February – Miss Riglar’s cake sale raised £128.62
27th January – Bags2School collected 1042kg which generated £416.80 profit to the PTA
12th January – Mrs Coleman/Mrs Smith’s cake sale raised £104.89, of which £76.70 was spent on books and lego
8th December – Mrs Dunn’s cake sale raised £134.28 and the money was used to adopt a Dolphin and also to continue their First News newspaper subscription
Christmas fayre raised £2710.38 from the day, plus a further £2100 match funding provided by Vodafone and £300 match funding from Sky.
2nd December – festive non school uniform raised £185.68 (this figure is included in the total fayre profits)
29th November – 2nd hand uniform sale during parents evening raised £52.70
Wrap a Present raised £750.00
10th November – Mrs Marshall’s cake sale raised £98.70
Personalised Christmas cards received 95 orders generating £227.83 for the PTA
20th October – disco took £1076.75 subject to costs and bar took £263.00 also subject to costs
13th October – Mrs Culham’s cake sale raised £128.86, of which £85.78 was spent on Art & Craft Materials for the class

Fundraising Summary 2015/16 Events …

30th June – Cake Sale Ms Byatt (MS) raised £110.29

25th June – Try a Tri raised approximately £4k

9th June – Cake Sale Mrs Gregory (US) raised £111.89

26th May – 2p Trail raised £160, non school uniform raised £264, summer fayre raised approximately £4.5k

12th May – Parents Bar £214.50

12th May – Disco £964.18

21st April – Cake Sale Mr Vacher (US) raised £102.70

15th April – Textile Collection (happy bag) raised £598.02

25th & 26th March – Easter Egg Hunt raised £204.03

10th March – Cake Sale Mrs Smith & Mrs Coleman (LS) raised £111.65

8th & 9th March – 2nd Hand Uniform Sales raised £110.80

4th March – PTA Quiz had 11 teams and raised £550.

11th February – Disco took £1038.47, less costs profit was £472.07

11th February – Parent Creche (Bar) took £192.10, less costs the profit was £122

11th February – Miss Nowell’s cake sale raised £103.00

14th January – Mrs Edgcumbe’s cake sale raised £117.45.

Our first year of selling award winning Christmas Puddings raised £190.  Thank you to everyone who purchased a pudding or helped sell them at the various opportunities.

10th December – Mrs Dunn’s cake sale raised £115.23.

5th December – Christmas Fayre was very well attended and extremely successful, profit up substantially on the previous year.  Excluding matched funding profit from the Christmas Fayre stands at around £4,900.  Matched funding through Vodafone and Sky B should generate a further £1800.  This is  a fantastic result, thanks to everyone involved.

4th December – Donations from Non School Uniform raised £280.53.

W/C 30th November – Wrap a Present takings were a record high of over £1500.

19th November – Miss Blackaby’s cake sale raised £93.25.

20th November – personalised Christmas Cards and other ordered items were sent home via pupil post.  This year we had 92 pupils place orders for personalised Christmas items which raised £228.15 for the school PTA.

22nd October – the Parents Bar was extremely well attended and made a profit of £202.  This was our fourth ever ‘parents creche’ and was our most profitable so far.

15th October – Mrs Culham’s cake sale was a complete sell out and raised £107.32.  Thank you to all our parent and Maiden Erlegh helpers, and to everyone who donated cakes.

6th & 7th October – Second Hand Uniform sales once again took place same time as parents evenings.  A massive thanks to Jo Beales and Jo Brearley for their help and also to all the other parents who kindly helped cover a slot at the sale.  We raised £57.50.

24th September – Cake Sale Mrs Marshall raised £84.95.  Thank you to everyone who donated cakes to sell and those of you who helped with the sale and of course to all the children who came to buy!  It was a total sell out!

9th September – Second Hand Uniform sale raised £46.00.  Thanks the parents that helped set up, sell and clear away.  A further £22.50 has been raised through 2nd hand uniform purchases this term bringing the total to £68.50 so far this academic year.  Thank you to all the parents who buy from us.

Fundraising Summary 2014/15 Events …

Saturday 27th June – Try-a-Tri raised £4.5k

Total cake sale takings for the year £1093.55

Thursday 25th June – Cake Sale Mrs Smith/Mrs McDonald’s Cake Sale raised £92.30 and they purchased a wooden castle to play with

Wednesday 17th June 2015 – PTA Fayre after the Jubilee Fayre raised approx. £1200

Thursday 11th June 2015 – Mrs Woolston/Mrs Gregory’s Cake Sale raised £108.76

Thursday 21st May 2015 – Miss Blackaby’s Cake Sale raised £95.22

Thursday 14th May 2015 – Disco takings were £909.13

Thursday 14th May 2015 – Parent’s Bar raised £130.25

Thursday 30th April 2015 – Mrs Tomsett’s Cake Sale raised £112.00

Thursday 2nd April 2015 – Mr Vacher’s Cake Sale raised £99.25

Tuesday 17th/Wednesday 18th March 2015 – 2nd Hand Uniform Sales raised £94

Friday 13th March 2015 – Family Quiz Night raised £500

Thursday 12th February 2015 – Parents Bar raised £170.70

Thursday 12th February 2015 – Autumn/Winter Discos raised £814

Thursday 12th February 2015 – Mrs Culham’s Cake Sale raised £93.50

Wednesday 11th February 2015 – Second Hand School Uniform Sale raised £42.60

Thursday 15th January 2015 – Miss Friday’s Cake Sale raised £78.49

Thursday 11th December – Ms Byatt’s cake sale raised £104.15 and was spent on Playmobil, Sylvanian Families & Lego

Saturday 6th December – another very successful Christmas Fayre with over £2k profit raised

W/C 1st December – Wrap a Present raised £544.00

Thursday 14th November – Mrs Dunn’s cake sale raised £100.88

Wednesday 5th November – personalised Christmas Card was well received with 100 orders placed, raising £240 for school

Thursday 23rd October – our first ever PARENT CRECHE was well visited and raised £150

Thursday 9th October – Mrs Marshall’s cake sale was the first of the year and raised £108.81

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th October – Second hand uniform sales raised £76.00

Saturday 4th October – Kids Cinema was attended by 200 children and the Family Bingo was attended by approximately 90 people.  The event raised £1300