Match Funding

Match Funding

Each year we successfully raise more money for the PTA  thanks to several parents who work for companies like Dell, Microsoft, Thames Water and Vodafone who offer employees a benefit of “Match funding”.

What is match funding?

It is a funding mechanism whereby a company matches the fundraising done by one of its employees.

Which companies offer match funding?

Lots of organisation do and this is small list of organisation we know about.

Argos, Asda, Barclays Bank, Boots, British Gas, BP, BT, Cap Gemini, Centrica, Citibank, Dell, First Group, GSK, HBOS, HSBC, IBM, Loyds Bank, Sainsburys, Kingfisher, Microsoft, National Grid, SSE, Sky, Tesco, Thames Water, Unilever, Vodafone.

Why is match funding important?

The school, which is under Wokingham Borough Council, receives very little funding via the pupil premium.  Which means that our school has very little to spend on the bare essentials, like school books and equipment for inside and outside.  Having match funding allows the PTA to double what we raise.  Ultimately this money benefits all pupils who attend Aldryngton.   In the past we have funded online resources, iPad, phonics learning material, playground benches, swimming pool costs and year 6 leavers party.

This year the school under Mr Wieder has invested in areas of the school, like converting wasted space into smaller class rooms and converting the old music room into an open learning area with a new smartboard.  Unfortunately, there is an even longer list of improvements across the school, covering reception right through to upper school, which need money!    These projects can’t always be funded by the school and this is where the PTA can help.  The funding we typically raise each year is just not enough to fund all the requests this year.  Projects will need to be prioritised and some will be delayed.

Do you work for a company that offers match-funding?

If  you or your partner work for a company that offers match funding please reach out to the Vice Chair –

If you are unsure please contact your HR department.