Try a Tri

Try-a-Tri 2024 will take place on Sat 15th June 2024, 11am to 4pm. 

Deadline for entries: Friday 24th May.
Application form and crowdfunder link are available via ParentMail letter dated Friday 10th May: PTA Try-a-Tri 2024 Letter to Parents
If you have any queries please direct them to the PTA:

What is the Try-a-Tri?

It’s a fun Triathlon.  A 3-in-1 race made up of swimming, cycling and running.  The event is open to all Aldryngton pupils from Foundation to Year 6.  Our fun event is short and team-orientated.  Teams must be comprised of three children from within the same section of the school ie; all from Lower School (which includes Foundation children), all from Middle School or all from Upper School.  Girls and boys can compete in the same team.  Your child will compete in only one of the 3 categories (swim, cycle, run).  They can choose the category they’re most comfortable with – their teammates do the rest!

Important Times

Timetables for the event are as follows.

Teams Registration Race briefing Finish times
Foundation & Lower School 11:00 – 11:30 11:40 13:30
Middle School 12:30 – 13:00 13:10 15:00
Upper School 14:00 – 14:30 14:40 16:00


Teams Swimmers Cyclists Runners
Foundation & Lower School 3 widths = 22.5m 1 lap = 500m 1 lap = 350m
Middle School 3 lengths = 51m 2 laps = 1 km 2 laps = 700m
Upper School 5 lengths = 85m 3 laps = 1.5 km 3 laps = 1 km

How to Pay

Crowdfunder Try-a Tri 2024 sponsorship

  • The fee is £5 per child.
  • We are operating a cashless system so are accepting online payments only.
  • Online payments should be made via the Crowdfunder link AFTER you SUBMIT the online application form.
  • To help with the admin please ensure you pay as soon as you enter your child.
  • Please select the Reward “Buy one Try-a-tri entry”, proceed to enter your payment details.
  • In the Rewards section, please choose the correct event for your child from the available rewards:
    Lower School & Foundation Stage take part together.
    Middle School have their event for years 3 and 4.
    Upper School have their event for years 5 and 6.
  • For the delivery address in the first line titled “Full Name”, we need you to enter the FIRST name of your child and the Team name your child is competing in, for example “John – The fastest team”.
  • Your application form will be declined if immediate payment is not received.

Sponsorship Money

We ask that all participants try to collect some sponsorship money for their efforts by sharing the link to the Crowdfunder project.  
All money raised will go towards funding school projects.  
Teams and individuals raising the most sponsorship money will be awarded house points.

Parent Volunteers Needed
The Try-a-Tri is a big event and is our best fundraiser, it simply cannot happen with the help of lots of parent volunteers.  You can contact to find out more about helping on the day.  A Parent Helper Booklet with further advice & instructions will be provided to parent helpers before the day.

On the Day – Arrivals & Registration

You should arrive in time to register within the allotted time.
Registration will take place in Mrs Woolston’s class in Upper School.
Please enter the site via the mail school gate and walk around the school building, past the school office, to the Upper School entrance to get to the registration area. The entrance will be signposted.
There will be a registration desk for each year group.
Please try to register as a complete team and within the allotted timeslot.

On the Day – Race Briefing

All participating children and their parents will receive a briefing on the Playground.
Please ensure you attend the briefing at the allotted timeslot, as following the briefing, the children will go to the race areas to begin the walk though and get ready to race.

On the Day – at the Finish

The swimmer and cyclist from each team will meet the runner as they complete their race. Then all 3 team mates will race the last 75 metres to the finish line for a photo finish and medal. This final part of the event is not included in the team’s overall finish time.

What do I need on the day?

ALL: All competitors will need to bring their own refillable water bottle.
SWIMMING: Swimmers will need their swimming costume, a towel and their goggles. Swimming caps are provided by the PTA but should be returned after their swim. Swimmers will need to get dry and dressed quickly after competing so we would ask them to wear clothes and shoes that are easy to put on after competing.
CYCLING: Cyclists will need a bike in good condition (stabilisers and balance bikes can be used if required). It is essential cyclists also bring their own helmet – no helmet means they will not be able to participate. The course is flat, on grass with 3 skill sections.
RUNNING: Runners will need a pair of well fitting trainers. They should wear clothing that they are comfortable to run in. The course is flat, entirely on grass and will be completely post and taped to show the route to take.

Food & Drink

Throughout the entire day, the PTA will be serving a selection of food and drinks including a BBQ, licensed bar, candyfloss and ice creams.


Any queries please contact